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Our product

PresMaster is your online presentation coach.


A good business presentation counts

Last-minute changes, feedback loops with management and stakeholders, stress because of hostile audiences: Let’s face it, business presentations can be challenging. Yet a great presentation is also the optimal business card of a successful leader, manager and entrepreneur. You can attend long trainings, but how do you ensure lasting success when you need it most: at the moment of your presentation, even months after the training?

PresMaster makes presentation success a breathe

With PresMaster, you can now optimize the process of creating & delivering a great presentation – without stress and with optimal impact. We developed PresMaster with an award-winning process that speaking champions and the greatest TED speakers use for their preparation – and now you can have the same process from the convenience of your office! With PresMaster a winning business presentation becomes a breathe.

Blending technology, research and champion advice

PresMaster gives feedback on the presentation and your delivery, leveraging the power of the MS Kinect body motion sensor. You can even test how you would deal with various audiences and their questions. And before a presentation your boss, your board or other stakeholders can be involved easily for quick alignment and feedback without endless feedback loops. We guide you through the process so you can become a true Presentation Master.

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Body motion sensor technology

Many people already got video feedback. For the first time you can now access as well body motion sensor feedback. Get direct feedback via your dashboard so you can focus on your performance instead of generic advice.

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Best practices from champions

Champion speakers give you targeted feedback based on your performance. Learn from the greatest for your fast progress.

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From ideation to delivery

PresMaster supports you on all aspects of a presentation, from the first thoughts through storyboarding, rehearsal and feedback afterwards.

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Feedback makes it easy

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Get the right feedback from your boss, colleagues, or friends for your business presentation. It’s super-easy for them.

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Get support from professional coaches

In case you want to have in-depth and personal feedback you can select a professional coach from our vast network of advisors.

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Track progress and learn

Presenting is not a one-time thing but a life-long process. PresMaster enables you to learn and work on your strength and weakness. This is also possible for whole teams and organizations.

Meet our founders

Lars Sudmann

Lars is the 6-times Belgian and 2-times European Champion of Public Speaking. He was the CFO Belgium of Procter & Gamble as well as a lecturer on communication at the RWTH Aachen university. (Watch Lars’ TEDx talk here).

Pierre Mengal

Pierre is a serial entrepreneur and software development specialist. With a background in psychological and educational sciences, his speciality is the human factor in software development and learning methodologies.

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4 rue des Pères Blancs
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+32 484 126 582
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